Volocity imaging software

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With many decades of combined experience as microscope users, Atlantic Imaging are able to supply and advise on all aspects of microscopy software.

We are main UK distributors for the Volocity suite of software solutions from Quorum and highly recommend this based on our extensive knowledge of the available alternatives.

Why use Volocity on your microscope? Firstly, Volocity provides a flexible interface for driving a wide range of cameras, microscopes and peripheral hardware. Secondly, we believe that the simple and logical image acquisition protocol in Volocity allows users to customise experiments to meet their exact requirements on multiple imaging systems without having to learn a new software package for each microscope. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the personal and responsive support we are able to offer our Volocity clients; we really do love to help our customers get the best out of their microscope systems.

Features of Volocity software

Acquisition :

  • Set up of complex acquisition protocols with multiple lightpaths (e.g. four channel fluorescence, timecourses etc).
  • High speed 3D image capture.
  • Control of motorised XY stages, focus drives and other peripherals (e.g. CoolLED light source).
  • Control microscope hardware settings (objective turret, filter wheels).


  • Visualisation module allows 3D rendering of images to give insight into spatial relationships within cellular structures.
  • Restoration allows improvement of quality and resolution of images. Transforms wide-field fluorescent images into confocal data. Cleans up confocal images, removing information outside the plane of focus.
  • Quantitation module allow in-depth measurements of structural relationships, quantification of colocalisation and is compatible with applications such as FRAP and FRET.

We don’t just supply Volocity software, however; we are also able to advise on and supply Olympus CellSens image acquisition software. We also recognise that advanced software packages are not required by or in the budget of some users – indeed several our our cameras come bundled with built-in or free software packages that are perfectly adequate for simple image acquisition. To find out how Atlantic Imaging can help you with your software requirements, please contact us today!

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