XY stages for system automation.

We supply XY stages from Prior Scientific for smooth and reliable automation of your microscope. We can couple these with Volocity acquisition software to enable full control of your imaging platform. These stage upgrades will offer you the possibility of high-speed scanning with convenience and precision. They are perfect for high-content screening of cell cultures or for repeatable live cell imaging applications. For imaging of 3D samples, we can also supply and install Piezo Z stages. A wide portfolio of products is available from Prior to suit most modern microscope systems. Stage options are available with built-in encoders for superior precision to suit the most demanding imaging situations.

Atlantic Imaging can advise you on how to make the most of your microscope with stage automation. We are are able to offer you servicing and troubleshooting for older stages and can supply spare controllers and parts. If you are interested in upgrading your microscope to make the most of automation, please contact us today.

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XY stage - Prior