Atlantic Imaging supply and install hardware from major manufacturers of microscopy equipment.

Credit: HeLa cells. Kevin Mackenzie, University of Aberdeen. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Atlantic Imaging are able to supply and install hardware from all major microscope equipment manufacturers.  Our company mission is to ensure that our end users purchase the correct components required to achieve the maximum potential from your imaging equipment – to this end we are able to supply complete systems. For more information about microscope sales, click here.  We are also experts in the supply of replacement or upgrade parts in order to ensure the maximum possible service life from your microscope. To find out about the support we can offer you, click here.

Atlantic Imaging are also proud to act as the sole UK dealer for “Volocity” imaging software, from Quorum Technologies.  Volocity offers the user complete control of all elements of the imaging platform and (unlike most proprietary software packages), is compatible with microscope systems from all major brands.  With advanced features such as quantitation and restoration, Volocity is a user-friendly package that will streamline the acquisition and analysis of image data.  Contact us to find out how Volocity can work for you.

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