Atlantic Imaging recently joined forces with Laser 2000 at the Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival. During the festival, we were promoting our joint venture in selling and supportingĀ  confocal upgrades. The product range we offer includes the RCM and NL5 confocal microscope add-ons from employ camera-based confocal technology, taking advantage of new advantages in sCMOS cameras. Currently are offering a range of speed and resolution options. RCM systems employ rescanning technology and allow super-resolution image capture at very low laser power. Lower power keeps live cell cultures happy for longer and allows extended timecourses with stunning results. The NL5 employs line-scanning technology to allow deeper 3D imaging at a frame rate of up to 25 fps, whilst still offering high sensitivity and resolution.

Shown here is the NL5 livecell confocal add-on, which we attached to an Olympus IX81 inverted microscope.

Confocal.NL systems are well-aligned with the philosophy of Atlantic Imaging. These confocal upgrades allow continued use of existing equipment by means of a simple upgrade path. Additionally, these systems have the advantage of the option to drive them through Volocity image acquisition and acquisition software packages.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in seeing how confocal upgrades can be used on your existing microscope system. We are always happy to advise.