Microscope service and repair – Nikon TiE.

A microscope service and repair from Atlantic Imaging will help to keep your precious imaging pipeline working perfectly! The Nikon Ti series of microscopes offer a robust platform for automated imaging; generally speaking, we find these to be very solid workhorses that are extremely reliable. No microscope is without flaws, however, and we were called out to examine a Nikon TiE after the user reported a horrible noise when changing filter position. We quickly diagnosed a fault in the drive system for the automated filter wheel, which can happen after many hundreds of hours of use. Our expert engineers dismantled the microscope and replaced the broken component with a new one. At the same time, they noted some damage to the encoder system, which was causing the filter wheel to spin erratically. The encoder module was carefully adjusted and an extended soak test was performed to ensure perfect operation. The microscope was then reassembled and returned to the customer, fully operational again.

We perform repairs and service microscopes from all the main manufacturers and generally we are able to carry out a majority of microscope repairs in-house. We appreciate that some jobs require specialist services; for these rare occasions, we have a small network of specialist electronic or mechanical engineers whose services we utilise.

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