Atlantic Imaging are specialists in microscope software installations, including Windows 10 operating systems upgrades.

Windows 10 operating systems upgrades have taken on a new urgency with the recent retirement of Windows 7 Professional software from the Microsoft support structure. As a consequence of this, the older operating system is now vulnerable to cyber attacks and security breaches with university departments being  forced to take any associated systems offline.

We have recently performed  two upgrades to Perkin Elmer UltraVIEW spinning disk confocal systems; one in the Oxford University MICRON facility, and the second in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Oxford John Radcliffe hospital.  Whilst each system upgrade had its own configuration issues, the goal for both was to smoothly migrate from Windows 7 to complete integration in Windows 10 x64 Professional with a new PC and integration back into the University IT network.

Performing such an upgrade requires a lot of preparation and specialist knowledge.  Appropriately, we have access to current and archived drivers for all associated hardware and perform and after analysis to a) decide whether a system is capable of being upgraded to windows 10 in its current configuration and b) setting up the system (post upgrade) such that all users have their interface configured as it was in windows 7.

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