Hamamatsu ORCA-Fusion BT – the best of both worlds?

We were recently priviledged to be able to test the Hamatsu ORCA-Fusion BT, a high-end, back-thinned sCMOS camera, on our own PerkinElmer confocal spinning disk system.  We were stunned by the performance of this camera and believe that the ORCA-Fusion BT offers a combination of both low-light performance and resolution for the most demanding imaging applications.

When choosing between scientific cameras, the user must typically make a compromise between high quantum efficiency (QE) and corresponding high sensitivity, or high resolution with smaller pixel size and reduced low-light performance.  The introduction of the ORCA-Fusion BT brings both a combination of extremely high QE – about 95% – with a small (6.5µm) pixel size and offers the best of both worlds.  Since the signal to noise ratio of this camera is so low, we were able to capture images at a mere 2% of maximum laser power – ideal for imaging fluorophores with very low photostability.  The camera also offers the potential to capture very high frame rates (at up to 89 frames per second), which makes it perfect for recording dynamic processes in the cell.

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Example of image obtained using low laser power.
Credit: Skin fibroblast sample courtesy of Janet Carver, Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.