Extending the lifetime of a confocal system with a diode laser engine.

Alan looks justifiably satisfied at this diode laser upgrade to a spinning disk confocal, recently carried out by us at the Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford.  The Oxxius diode laser engine (www.oxxius.com) supplied and installed by us provides at least as much power as the original gas laser system, yet has a service lifetime of around 25000 hours, maintenance free.  By comparison, the original gas laser has a service interval of around 5000 hours, with parts becoming increasingly more scarce.  An upgrade to the diode laser engine will not only extend the life of your spinning disk system, but is also compact, allowing the freeing up of space in the lab (equipment no longer required is shaded in red below).

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Gas laser engines are bulky and have a short service life